Nup is a community that exists to connect local consumers with their local bars and restaurants, by offering the member one FREE drink, EVERYDAY at participating bars, restaurants, and pubs.
You can become a NUP member by subscribing to one of the available plans. In the subscription tab, you can find the available programs. The monthly one gives you a free beer in the associated bars, every day for a month, while the annual plan gives you a free drink every day for a year, and they both allow you to explore local restaurants and pubs!
To get the free beer, you first have to be a NUP member. Then, once subscribed, you have to search the start menu for associated bars available when you want to consume said beer. If it appears in green, you press the bar you want to choose, and a QR code will allow you to enjoy a drink for free. When you are at the bar, as long as it is a participating location and you are at the right time, they will scan the QR code for you to enjoy your drink.